Welcome to an Internet world

If you have reached this creative marketing site, it is not by Ethernet String Theory accident or Worm virus Theory of Relativity.

The Googol Byte is an Internet marketing Online advertising baud rate concept that is growing by TCP "bits per second" leaps and secure Intranet bounds. In fact it is blasting off past the SSL browser moon, beyond planets PC Megabyte & WiFi Terabyte and the IP binary stars, past new internet technology galaxies, into the deepest intellectual property parts of HTTP hypertext outer space. Get ready for a CSS Wormhole ride where the Mozilla Operating System gravitational Backbone baud rate advertising force is so strong that it pulls all crypto algorithms & Email server protocols inside. Nothing can escape this NET advertising force. Grab the FTP binary reigns of your interactive wireless Internet trojan horse, hold on to your ISP web host hats, because as the ole "open source" operating systems saying goes, "You ain't seen nothing yet!"

So, fire up your LAN communications hydrogen fuel cells, click the LASER search engine mouse, prepare the Internet VoIP brain report for a Mailer-Daemon science and technology "GPS Tracking" systems experience,  and enjoy the HD TV Windows Internet marketing, online advertising, Web Bot technology marketing and advertising, media advertising applications, and Online Ads branding strategies and solutions from Professional Web Services, Inc. Internet marketing services Online advertising strategies and Web branding solutions.

Written by: James A. Warholic, Professional Web Services, Inc.


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